Few reasons why there is no World War 3

Few reasons why there is no World War 3

There has not been any record of a World War ever since the end of World War II. It almost creates an impression that the world has enjoyed much peace since then. If you are regular on the news, following current trends relating to peace, protests and different conflicts, you may agree that there are chances of counting a third war. Regardless of the devastating nature of these conflicts, none has been tagged worthy enough to be a global war. In deciding this, it’s necessary to understand what would make a World War. For a given conflict to be considered a world war, it should have the capacity of causing a global unrest. These are determined by factors like: the country, continent involved alongside specific reasons which may be of world interests.

Some reasons why there are no

Some reasons why there are no World War yet is that top players from different countries on the planet have decided not to tag any subsequent conflict as such. When an event is considered a world war, it brings about a level of fear, insecurities begin to manifest. Insecurities can lead to a more life-threatening situation as people react poorly when they feel insecure. Serious events like the Congo war which is still ongoing, has struck global attention. Millions are recorded to lose their lives in the series of tragic events which has invited response from nations across different continents. General involvements like this should be linked to a World War, but it isn’t.

Few reasons why there is no World War 3

Technology as you’d know it has advanced, previous wars utilized crude weapons. Initially, men would use swords, which later evolved to advanced weapons like guns and bombs. A rapid increase in fatalities was observed during the final stages of WWII, events saw deadly weapons that could wipe out cities released on the planet. After the sad event in Japan, every other country seemed to wake up; they could no longer afford such level of destruction. Now, unlike that time, there are far deadlier weapons that could wipe out countries, continents, even the entire earth if released. Different countries have developed dangerous ways to mass destruct any opponent, this is why nations don’t prefer to officially consider disagreements wars.

If a world war results today, it’s not going to be a war of armies with guns, rather, it’ll be a war of nukes and atomic bombs. One that could wipe out the entire planet, and since wars are fought for the people left behind, there will be no essence of it, if everyone dies. Another arguable idea is that of the United Nations, that they believe if the matter doesn’t affect them directly, it cannot be considered of global threat. World peace so far is only experienced by few countries especially in the likes of Europe. But in other regions, there were civil wars, cold wars, some are still ongoing, causing panic, chaos, destroying lives and properties. Some times, they’re even talked about much less, to reduce any symptom of global crises.

These are few reasons why there is no world war since War II, or at least, none is considered of that standard.

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