The Constitutes Of A World War

The Constitutes Of A World War

A war is a conflict between two or more groups of people, it is often as a result of difference in ideologies. When two conflicting countries disagree, hate develops that results into war. A war that exists in more than two countries and involves the most dominating countries is termed as world war. It involves famous states, which often influences other continents to fight. The world war one was between Austria and Serbia, they were later on joined by different groups who formed two alliances to support them. Big conflicts like assassination of most a prominent leader may cause world war. If a leader of a certain nation is killed because of political difference by another country, a battle will start.

The first world war started in

The first world war started in 1914 after the assassination of arch duke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. These two were heirs of the Austria throne, their citizens were not happy, so they declared a war against Serbia. Thirst for power can cause world war, in the 1930s, American countries colonized the minority continents. Most of these continents resisted, which caused war among nations because of difference in interest. Second world war started after nuclear weapons were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this angered the Japanese empire because it’s citizens died. The United States later on attacked the pearl of harbour which steered the war further.

The Constitutes Of A World War

World war, come from big conflicts that are difficult to solve and due to the affected nation seeking revenge for the death of their citizens. The victims refuse to withdraw but rather retaliate to worsen the situation so that a battle line can be drawn to end the conflict. Innocent people suffer for they are displaced, killed or forced to migrate to unknown places in escape of war. The minority nations are forced to participate by supporting one of the superpowers to avoid being wiped out. Neutral countries suffer a lot compared to those who express their beliefs and support a specific nation fully. They lack people to defend or back them up, therefore risk being attacked by any of the two conflicting parties.

For world war to take place, the most prominent nations must be involved, this is the case of world war one which involved Austria and Serbia. Both received back up from superpowers like Germany and United States of America respectively. States like Russia is known for making nuclear weapons, it has all it takes to win a war. The war was huge for famous nations fully participated for example France, Italy, United Kingdom, Bulgaria. Major powers cannot waste their precious time and resources to simple matters that can be resolved by diplomats for this reason, they fully participate to back up their member.

Huge conflicts like political assassinations, imperialism, nationalism will stimulate world war. Assassinations must occur between two conflicting nations, not within a country. World war takes place all over the continents not just between minor parties, the issue must affect the whole world to steer supporters. It is right to say, world war must be fought by superpower, involve more than one continent and stimulate people to fully participate.

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