The World Wars and its impacts

The World Wars and its impacts

What is World War? This is a conflict that involves most of the dominant governments. This type of war happened double, divided as WW1 and WW2. First World War started in July 1914 then halted in November 1918. An urgent cause of World War 1 is the shooting of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand, plus his spouse. This led to divisions; eventually, two groups emerged, Allied powers and the central powers. Allied Powers consisted of France, Russia, plus Great Britain, while central forces consisted of Germany, Italy, Austria, Hungary and The Ottoman Empire. When Arch Duke Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, Austria -Hungary stayed unhappy, so it influenced them to fight Serbia.

Serbia was involved during death of

Serbia was involved during death of Ferdinand consequently making Germany declare war on them. Russia was a close ally to Serbia therefore they declared to support them during this battle. France rose to help Russia because they had terrible ties with Germany due to the Franco-Prussian war that made France lose their key states to their rivals. During the war, Britain likewise Italy got involved in the war. Germany along others surrendered after a massive struggle to sign a Treaty of Versailles that was anticipated to bring an agreement. After some while, second world war emerged, which started in 1939 then stopped in 1945.

The World Wars and its impacts

Its urgent cause was Germany attacking Poland to stop an anti-German alliance from breaking the Treaty of Versailles’ rules. They were not contented with how the treaty had brought down its economy and decreased its military. War is never considered necessary because its disadvantages are more than advantages. Loss of life, property was majorly experienced; more than twelve million soldiers plus twenty million ordinary people were killed. When the United States of America released an atomic explosive on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it had negative outcomes that happen to date.

World Wars led to the establishment of United Nations Organizations, which was authorized to initiate harmony. Another impact is that it led to the end of colonialism because other countries, especially vulnerable nations ruled by colonial governments, were given authority to administer themselves. After the war, nations allover got divided into capitalism and communism. Capitalism is the act by which assets are controlled and managed by somebody, while communism is a scheme by which a whole community owns properties. Russia pushed for communism, unlike the USA, which approved capitalism. This was meant to decide who is the superpower, and ultimately, the USA won.

These wars did not add up value but caused significant damages either directly or indirectly to everyone. Others would view it as necessary, but the reality is that it led to bloodshed. There are several methods to stop wars and other methods, one of the best ways is mediation, World Wars were too solved in the same method.

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