Things Likely To Cause World War Three

Things Likely To Cause World War Three

Owning a property comes at a price which directs you to do anything to protect it when others plan to steal. Nations have different resources that are leading to conflicts as humans fight for these items. These resources include oil where countries compete for control over such natural products. Besides, the desire to prove military supremacy create the possibility of dangerous trends that could trigger fights. A war occupying a large area is difficult to control after starting raising the challenge for early control.

Observers have created a list of things that could lead to war breakout as citizens compete for limited resources. The first is the tension that exists between America and North Korea. This relationship can easily turn violent once leaders start accusing each other. The two countries have a common interest in gaining power and recognition. Korean inventions include a nuclear missile which they intend to test on citizens of other countries. Attempts by the USA to intervene could trigger war among these nations.

Practicing racism which entails discrimination according

China is increasing its economical control of the world by offering loans to less-developed people. This makes such nations remain dependent on the support they get lowering their chances of growth. Trade deals between China and the United States have never succeeded due to restrictions from the latter. Operations of China’s 5G network were halted as there is suspicion of a technological takeover. This fear is increasing tension meaning, a mistake from a single side leading to a wrong interpretation can mark the beginning of a war. Besides, there is a claim of a biological war from China laboratories that are causing different opinions about the approach.

Practicing racism which entails discrimination according to the skin color could bring war. Events in America leading to the murder of a famous black person pushed the nation to the violent movements. If presidents allow these occurrences, it is easy for a war to begin when a race sees themselves as a target by a government. Other people will provide refuge to the individuals while planning attacks to revenge the effects. Leaders must restrain from utterances that can divide people or make them fight against each other.

Starting war has disastrous effects on

Another wave is coming from the relationship between Israel and Iran which is full of frustrations threatening warfare. Iran offers its support for groups that favor the anti-Israel campaigns. Lebanon, Syria, and Gaza are the groups supporting such movements. Recent threats from Israel on airstrike attacks are making the war appear closer. At diplomatic levels, Israel has created coalitions intending to lower Iran’s influence and capability to use nuclear weapons. Iran has plans to commission its nuclear program to counter these threats and increase their control. The country produces a huge amount of oil for running industries and automobiles.

Starting war has disastrous effects on the economy as it will create affect businesses. Multinationals will not operate peacefully hence losses of employment where people get money to purchase basic needs. A foreign policy touching on the operation of industries will have adverse effects on economic stability as money will not be flowing freely. Tolerance in invention and valuing life is a vital thing to consider before launching a product.

Things Likely To Cause World War Three

Several things must be practiced to escape world war three which could be extreme with advancements in technology. Media companies must restrain from information that can raise tensions, especially when there is no solid proof. Announcements should follow serious consultations to prevent possible violence or attack. Besides, vulnerable nations must find support from truthful countries that do not have selfish interests in natural products such as gas.

Formation of regional teams to provide guidance through challenging decisions with a wide impact. Research from institutions is helping devise ways to enable citizens understand things that develop wars. This education provides information on how to cut out the possibility of a war by using better tactics. Crime tribunals promote justice as they handle criminals away from their countries ensuring there is truth.

Besides sanctions on use of dangerous military tools are essential in cutting out chances of a breakout. The United Nations has guidelines instructing on behavior depending on situations. Presidents have to consult before taking decisions that have huge impacts of survival of humans on earth.

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