What holds the world back from wars

What holds the world back from wars

As any psychologist would put it, war should always not be an option whenever solving disputes. There are plenty of reasons why they’d say this and the same reasons are why there hasn’t been a third world war or any more world wars till now. The main reason however is because of the United Nations. After the disastrous effects of world war two, nations came together to be a council that should generally be in charge of the discipline of countries.

With discipline watched, it would be

With discipline watched, it would be less likely for states to cross each other’s paths in a way that would lead to war as a solution. If you think of it, war is just a display of authority in an old-fashioned way. This could be achieved in many other ways that states are now starting to exploit. The United Nations organization is much similar to how a parliament works and the whole administration system in general. Representatives from various countries come together in this huge hall and agree on what rules should bound every territory. A similar unifying organization existed before the UNO but it failed to the oppression of territories that were under punishment and as a result, better laws got made that have made the UNO the longest surviving organization of its kind since humanity.

Another ignored but equally powerful reason

Another ignored but equally powerful reason as to why there haven’t been any other world wars is history. History is a tool that has the power to influence the masses’ actions. The aftermath of war is a bad place to be living in and what brings consciousness about this matter is history. Individuals are mostly responsible for triggering wars and if history would make them understand the damage it causes they are most likely going to refrain. War is also an expensive project that yields no benefits making it a bad investment. Qualities like investment strategies are what gets considered as a general agreement of a powerful country in contemporary times.

What holds the world back from wars

From a commercial point of view, war is bad for business, times have seen it destroy whole economies and political structures; this is evident in both parties that got involved leading to quite little to celebrate even after a victory. An example of this is how the economy of Russia collapsed during World War 2. Modern Weapons are too powerful for war. There now exists GPS-guided missiles that can target one individual from miles away designed to maneuver through obstacles at high speeds making them hard to stop.

The power of nuclear weapons just exceeds comprehension and more countries are getting themselves armed with them. Bio-weapons threat the very existence of humanity since their effects can’t be comprehended in the long run. Studies show that some of these bacteria and viruses that get used as bio-weapons increase chances of genetic mutation leading to very high unpredictability levels. It becomes apparent how powerful weapons like this could wipe out human civilization and life in general.

Even the war between only two powerful enough countries is most likely to trigger world wars to chain reactions caused by trade deals. What this means is that a country that has made deals with another country that is in war will join the war having business interests at hand. Such a chain reaction would have devastating results for the whole planet. The fear of the weapons humans have created terrifies and inspires peaceful methods to solve disagreements.

Technology is also a new effective reason why there haven’t been world wars. Organizations like the United Nations have advanced GPS systems with features like missile detection that focuses majorly on nations with tense relationships. This makes it hard for attacks to happen without getting noticed since every data is collected for flight and underwater movements with an aim of trying to track down unusual activity. The effects of war are too dire and fear of these effects holds many nations back. War affects everything from soil fertility to quality of air, climate in a bigger picture, all it does is take without giving back. Cases recorded show countries over mining their lands for faster processing of metal that is used make weapons. Large cavities left as a result have taken quite a number of lives of both children and adults.

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