Why World Wars were necessary

Why World Wars were necessary

World wars left destruction of economies behind but despite all that, they are considered a necessary evil. Many factors led to the start of World War 1 usually known as the Great War or the end of all world wars. Millions of lives were lost during the two wars but with them the global community could not resist getting valuable lessons that have helped realign current world order. Technology is seen to be most positively affected area during and after first World War. Military personnel started using new technology such as radio communication to enable troops communicate on current situations in real time. This has been applied even in current military operations to enhance efficiency during battles.

Advanced military warfare was also put into use especially during First World War. Aircrafts were introduced to help in combating enemies and surveillance purposes. Bombs were first dropped by the pilot with his hand therefore creating need for improvements. Wright Brothers had invented the plane just seventeen years back with first flights taking place around eleven years before First World War started. When United States installed machine guns in the planes, bullets were damaging the propeller. Scientists had to go back and re-invent ways of making aerial attacks more efficient. By the end of the Great War, countries had multiplied the number of planes in their arsenals leading to improved inventions.

Medical field received a challenge after

Britain introduced U-shaped submarine boats that established their superiority in deep sea. Many countries dared not attack their troops through navy due to their prowess and advanced water vessels. This is where other countries had to think of improving marine equipment in preparation of future attacks. Weapon manufacturers had to look for ways to fast-track their production process to cater for high demands. This led to the growth of the industry with inventions of high-caliber weapons being manufactured. Use of poisonous gases during World war led to discussions which resulted to biological being banned a resolution that is obeyed even in today’s setting.

Medical field received a challenge after the war with victims arriving in large numbers over a limited time period. Doctors were served with wounds they had not treated before giving them a challenge to go back to the invention of ways of treating them. Medicine had to be improved and more advanced to cater for new challenges on their hands. It was in this period that blood donation was started as doctors saw need for readily available blood so that they could save more lives. Blood preservation methods were brought on board to ensure that donated blood did not clot and was fresh for transfusion. Scientists also came up with new medicine that is used in hospitals in the 21st century.

Women were benefits of the occurrence

Europe got its current boundaries after the war ended as unsatisfied regions broke forming their independent states for purposes of peace. Germany, Hungary, Austria and Bulgaria lost their territory resulting to current political map of Europe. All this can be attributed to World Way 1 reshaping modern day reality on governance.

Women were benefits of the occurrence because when men went to fight their duties were taken over. Traditionally women had specified roles and it was unheard of for them to do certain duties. After the war organizations started to fight for women’s equal treatment since their eyes were opened. In Britain, they were allowed to vote something that acted like a huge step to equality. They changed their clothing with trousers becoming more popular, and they could now do almost all jobs although wages were never equaled.

Why World Wars were necessary

Economies were shattered with countries experiencing financial hardships due to war. Costs of maintaining a good military presence was expensive even to the powerful countries. Their reserves were wiped dry taking them years to restore themselves back to normalcy. This created need for nations to avoid war and seek alternative methods of peace resolution. Bodies such as United Nations were created in the aftermath to prevent further bloodshed and bring nations together for prosperity. Regulations were introduced to ensure weapons produced by individual nations did not exceed a certain limit or requirement.

People see World Wars as a platform that laid ground for present systems and operations. Leaders learnt the effects war to economies and scientists made inventions that are helping in the modern world.

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